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Digital Max is an Emirate Company working in the field of supplying the online websites with information.

Digital Max is looking forward to the future along with its past experiences as we are going without choice to the Digital World which will be the life backbone, that is why we have to be ready and help others to deal with the new digital properties of our life.


Why Digital Max?

The Digital media is the future media .. this is a historical inevitability we could not ignore or face it. It is surrounded us, in our home, pocket, suitcases, offices and streets wherever you go you will find the digital media. The cell phone, computer sets, tablets, houseware sets and some complementary digital options for cars. In addition to the interactive traditional media such as the radio & television, all the above are examples of the digital media means providing us with information easily, quickly, with any quantities and for free. You can be  apositive partner not a negative recipient only in these media means.


The relationship between sender and recipient has already changed, the media now doesn’t admit borders between the pictures, videos, audio, text, graphic and programing applications.     


Media became interactive, participatory and open field, the reaction is more important than transmission process itself.  The media consumption has become basically through a small digital means, smart, carrying enormous amounts of data and information.   

Digital Max believes that the digital media is the most human expressive media , because it transmits the most precise details of the man's life as he uses the latest media means such as the internet & computer.


As the digital media is a huge scale of unlimited options, Digital Max will provide you with all your needs in this respect, With Digital Max who has the prominent experience and qualification in administration the digital media you will have all what you need.

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Dubai:  Office No. 211 Rashed Khalifa Elmehairy  Berdeb – Al barsha

Egypt:  12 Mohamed Hassan Badran   Nasr City – Cairo

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