Digital Max Services

Whether you are a producer of a specific product and want to reach your target market.

Or you are an owner of a media channel and seeking for developing the professional performance through staff training

Or you intend to plan for media website launching and want to secure success and leadership or you are looking for a partner to handle the administration process of this site

We provide more than these tasks

Our services list is including the following:

  1. SupplyArabic Content
  • written
  • Visual
  • Interactive

Digital Max has a team in three countries (United Arab Emirates - King of Saudi Arabia – Egypt) every team can fulfil your requirements of reports and interviews which will be produced especially for you.

  1. Editorial Content support of websites
  • News and journalism websites
  • Trading and Marketing websites
  1. Administrate the social media websites
  • Integrate the social media channels with the universal marketing strategy
  • Reaching by Social media channels to the target audience
  • Working in all Social media channels (Instagram – Twitter – Facebook – Google plus)
  • Help in building a Trade mark and marketing it among clients and consumers
  1. Application of the mobile phones
  • Reaching to new clients and agents through mobile phone applications
  • Reach to your own clients 24hours / 7days a week
  • Provide a fruitful & interesting experiment about your trade mark through the mobile phones
  1. Website design
  • Design the news and trade websites, in addition to design the logo and the expressive slogan
  • Establish systems for Content administration of the websites
  • Administration of the visual & graphic websites
  1. Digital advertising
  • Create an advertising campaign on the Social media
  • Create an advertising campaign on the other related websites
  • Execute the advertising campaign to reach the target audience
  1. The technical solutions for the websites
  • We have a group of experts who will help you to reach the ideal and cheapest solutions
  • Reduce the services suspension time as a result of put a complete plan to avoid any future problems
  • Solve the problems easily without complicated technical details and use the latest modern technician
  1. Consultants & organizing the global media events.

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Dubai:  Office No. 211 Rashed Khalifa Elmehairy  Berdeb – Al barsha

Egypt:  12 Mohamed Hassan Badran   Nasr City – Cairo

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00971 5610-05257

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