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Our teams had passed with many media trials and have worked in establishment of many media editions and in continuous progress and follow up with the newest technologies of communication revolution.

We have realized since 2000 that the world is heading to the digital world therefore we left the printed Journalism (as Middle East magazine and those similar to it printed by Saudi company for printing and research)  and TV channels as ( Iqraa channel and similarities from ART ) , we have targeted ourselves since that time to the digital media as we  established

some of the pioneers of the websites at that time like ( Eslam online)In 2006, we have gained the trust of the responsible in mbc administration and launched the biggest Arabian  entertaining website ( ) and we collected the biggest working team


known as ( New Media ) that have been one of the media pioneers . After we have the long and precious experiences we go ahead to help others to achieve their ambitious in New Media world, so we share Abu Dhabi Media to develop their TV channels websites (2014/2015).

After these successes our team decided to exert more time and efforts to establish and administrate Digital Contents which is considered the natural development of the Media means and will lead the World in the next years.

We still have a wonderful and creative ideas and enable to execute them for the others.

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Dubai:  Office No. 211 Rashed Khalifa Elmehairy  Berdeb – Al barsha

Egypt:  12 Mohamed Hassan Badran   Nasr City – Cairo

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00971 5610-05257

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